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🧗‍♀️ I get things done.

💡 I never stop learning.

🚀 Failure = 

🤜🤛 I build supportive relationships.

🌤️:🖼️ I see details as related to the big picture.

Nan Doud Head Shot-3.jpg

I’m a research-oriented UX professional with a background as a solopreneur. I navigate UX and customer engagement issues in SaaS and B2C environments with curiosity and openness.

I have a history of leading cross-functional teams by example, building consensus, and delivering successful results in software development projects.

Critical drivers of impact:
• Communicating effectively
• Thinking critically and creatively
• Taking initiative


Managing competing priorities is my jam, and I perform my best when faced with a challenge that's a bit scary. Curiosity drives me to frequently ask “Why,” so I jump at the opportunity to dig into complex problem spaces.

I love gardening, painting, reading, and tackling daunting home renovation projects. Fun fact: For several years, I was a professional photographer.


Certified Scrum Product Owner®


Certified ScrumMaster®


Certified UX Designer

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