Red and Orange Gradient
Nan Doud - 2022.jpg


I am passionate about human-centered design. I am an eager learner and natural leader in collaborative work environments where I see challenges as opportunities to iterate, innovate, and improve. I’m insatiably curious, empathetic, driven, and possess strong interpersonal, communication, and comedic timing skills.

I have successfully collaborated with cross-functional teams on projects that demonstrably solve user problems, while meeting key business objectives.

A few key areas of work where I have excelled working remotely as part of functional and cross-functional teams include content strategy and creation, information architecture, knowledge management, user accessibility improvement, and collaboration with designers, developers, senior leadership, and other key stakeholders. I have experience with short- and long-form writing and UX copywriting, including navigation items, button labels, tooltips, headlines, intro copy, and error messages.

Over the course of my career trajectory, I’ve proven myself in product sales, customer experience, design, photography, editing, marketing, content creation, copywriting and proofreading, various aspects of software testing, and applying user experience design principles.

Aside from all that, I love to garden, paint, read, and design/plan/execute home renovations. I also spent several years working as a professional photographer.

  • UX Research Intern at CircleCI

  • Certified UX Designer

  • Business (Project Management) student

  • I never stop learning.