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Hi, I'm Nan.  I'm intrigued by complexity and fueled by 'Why.' Want to unleash your product's potential? I can help!

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Case Studies

I planned, designed, and executed research into the new-user journey from signup through pre-activation. This served as baseline qualitative research for the decoupled onboarding funnel experience at CircleCI. By validating assumptions and insights into new-user pain points, the team delivered value to users quickly and increased growth by more than 12%

Before: vague 

old bill problem email
Improved email content

After: clear

Bill validators were frustrated with the limitations of their interface. These limitations led to excessive and unclear communications to members about their medical bills. I advocated with business leaders to prioritize software and process updates. By addressing this multi-channel issue, we reduced confusing communications with members by tens of thousands per month. I worked closely with business leaders, engineers, designers, BI, PMs, and call center leaders to implement and test this software and process update. 

Grow user retention

New user progress tracker for  A/B experiment

Simplified onboarding survey design

Simplified onboarding survey design concept

An onboarding progress tracker for new users

As a product designer for the Growth team, I researched and designed mockups of an onboarding progress tracker with the goal of increasing retention. Partnering with the PM, UX Research leadership, and Lead Content Strategist, I provided UX insights and created interactive prototypes that focused on driving support and guidance for the new-user cohort, the largest area of opportunity for growth. 

Simplify follow notification

Magnified view of "+ Follow" button

The hypothesis was that removing numerals would reduce backend strain and likely increase engagement.

Pipelines page with "+ Follow" button

The CTA to follow team projects was engineered to show the actual number of new projects a user could follow. However, customers reported a bug that the number took a very long time to load and was therefore not reliable. Even if correct, I suggested that a large number might create a psychological barrier, deterring engagement rather than encouraging it.

MineTheGap (working name) brings together my love for product development and design and my passion for seeing the gender wage gap closed. 

I'm organizing a core team and building in 

Expanded museum accessibility

As part of a design challenge to design an AR-based app, we explored how to enhance an art museum experience. I focused on how we might make museums more accessible. We created an interactive prototype of our design and conducted moderated usability tests, using our findings to iterate and make improvements. Additionally, I challenged myself to create a website using Webflow to introduce the product

* This project was associated with UX Design Certification at Southern Methodist University.

Identified customer motivation


Employees with free access to Cariloop weren't signing up. Cariloop leaders asked us to explore the problem and possible solutions. This initially seemed like a marketing problem. But we interviewed caregivers, used empathy mapping to understand their motivations, considered product feasibility and impact, and proposed an app that would meet caregivers' most significant needs.

* This project was associated with UX Design Certification at Southern Methodist University.

About me

An avid gardener and house plant mom, I love nature. I'm my dog Tuppy's biggest fan, a former wedding photographer, a home renovation project enthusiast, and a novice painter.

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