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Product Designer

defining user problems that facilitate business growth

Featured work 

Concept design for UX Design Certification:
An app to enhance the museum-going experience using augmented reality (AR).

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 I am able to flexibly integrate the iterative stages of the design-thinking framework with a team through:

Research skills

For every design, there is a problem that must be identified before it can be solved.

data gathering

using Qualtrics or other data gathering techniques


sketching, design critique, low- to high-fidelity prototyping

journey mapping

identifying user tasks, pain points, & opportunities using MURAL or Miro

usability testing

remote moderation of qualitative usability tests

user stories

creating personas, epics, and actionable dev-friendly user stories


adapting, identifying new opportunities, responding to changing business goals


years creative experience


UX Design Certification


years strategizing for business

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